SCVMM and P2V Adventures

Where I work, we have been using Microsoft Virtualization since Virtual Server was in Beta.  Of course, we don’t necessarily use all of the functions and features of all the software we have, but one feature that I have used a good bit is the “Convert physical server” action in System Center Virtual Machine Manager. … Continue reading SCVMM and P2V Adventures

Temporary Registry Profiles – Finally an answer

We have been having issues at work for a while where a user gets “cannot load the locally stored profile” and a temporary profile is created.  It gets to be quite frustrating for the users because each time they log in they lose any settings that they have made.  Apparently, we arent’ the only company… Continue reading Temporary Registry Profiles – Finally an answer

Uninstalling Forefront from Server Core

The best way to uninstall any program from Server Core, is to go into the registry to HKLM\software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall .  In there, you will see GUID for the various programs that are installed.  If you select the GUID and look at the right had side you will see some good information:   One of the REG_EXPAND_SZ… Continue reading Uninstalling Forefront from Server Core