Certificate Woe’s and Wonders

I have been using Let’s Encrypt for my site certificates for a few years now.  Something about that price of ‘free’ makes it appealing. 

I recently bought a new computer.  I work in IT and should be able to handle that with no issue.

When I got my new computer, I copied all my relevant data over and ejected the old computer from the world. 

What I did not do, was capture all the weird hoops I had setup to painfully renew the certs for my sites each quarter.

I have been renewing the certs since around October of 2020.  It isn’t fun, and it isn’t automated.

Today, I realized that it has been 90 days since I renewed them last.  And I realized that I didn’t have all the janky garbage on my computer that I used to renew them.

So I went looking for the right tools to do it.  I found a much cleaner, much less painful way to do it.

This tool was made for me:  AZ ACME | AZ ACME

I hope this gives it more (positive) attention, because it worked great for me.

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