Further AVD Adventures

I mentioned in a previous post that we were experimenting with Azure Virtual Desktop.  One of the things that I need to be able to do is launch from a web page.  We have figured out how to do that using this info:  Uniform Resource Identifier schemes with the Remote Desktop client for Azure Virtual… Continue reading Further AVD Adventures

Launching an AVD Published App Via Command Line

We are experimenting with Azure Virtual Desktop and I have a need to launch a published application from a command line.  I haven’t found much documentation on that, and perhaps that is because I don’t know where to look. However, I did find out a few things that might help me.  Everyone who has the… Continue reading Launching an AVD Published App Via Command Line

Redirect Http to Https using Azure CDN

In my recent efforts to move my one page, static content website, I have had a few challenges.  First let me say, those challenges were most certainly due to my ignorance, and not due to the technology in use.  Also, some of my issues are related to trying to make a simple task more complicated… Continue reading Redirect Http to Https using Azure CDN

Let’s Encrypt

As I posted previously, I am working on moving all of my websites to Azure.  I started with the easiest one, which is a static page.  So far, I have moved it, and it is now reachable via HTTPS, but not without the ‘www’.  While that isn’t important for that particular site, it is important… Continue reading Let’s Encrypt