Jetpack has some stuff

I don’t do a lot with my blog. My posts come at a rate of about 10 per year it seems. I think I have had this blog going for a little more than 18 years. I have about 183 posts (before this one), but they haven’t come at a consistent interval. It should be no surprise to anyone, let alone me, that there are new tools to use with it. I have been using some form of spam blocker on the site for about 17 of the 18 years. I remember spending a good day or two trying to figure out what to do about all the garbage comments that showed up when I first started blogging.

I have been using Jetpack on the site for a while now. I don’t recall when I first encountered Jetpack. I know it powers the stats for my site. I get very little traffic, so there isn’t much to have to calculate there. The tag line for this site is ‘My place to talk to myself’ and that is because that is what I use this for. I create and post articles that are useful information to me. The hope is that they will be there when I look for them again later. It just so happens that I had a co-worker who was looking for the answer to a problem he was having, and found the answer on this blog. He didn’t even know I had the blog until he found his answer here.

So as I mentioned in my last post, I have started up another blog. It isn’t work related, so I needed to separate it. In setting it up, I learned that Jetpack has some new stuff. They have lots of tools now to manage SEO, CRM, Backup, Akismet Anti-spam(this is the one I have had for as long as I can remember).

Jetpack ties in authentication to and gives you some more options there. I haven’t ever been very consistent with monitoring comments, and have never tried to get any subscribers. Jetpack makes that easier, too. I set it up for the other blog. Maybe I will set it up for this one?

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