Revisiting my Blog

I have spent a decent amount of time over the years, trying to convince myself to spend some time on my blog.  I have updated the OS of the VM that runs it.  I have migrated from whatever platform I started on (I think I had two different ones going at one point.) I have… Continue reading Revisiting my Blog

2015 Blog Report

Well, I didn’t hit the number I was hoping to hit.  I made it to 162, and I was hoping to make it to 175.  Maybe by the end of 2016? Since this is a WordPress site and I use Jetpack here is a nice little report provided with no effort on my part:

WordPress speed – take 2

So after I followed Patrick’s advice, it seemed like we had everything working better(?) but then again, it was only faster sometimes…  After doing some tinkering and comparing between 4 different people, 2 of us with slow performance and 2 with normal performance, I stumbled on the answer…  Patrick and I both had the “wassup”… Continue reading WordPress speed – take 2

WordPress performance…

I was unhappy with the performance of my new blog, but Patrick told me that he fixed it by changing the MySQL engine to MyISAM instead of InnoDB.   Wasn’t that nice of him?  It would have been nicer if he had actually created a post about it….