Revisiting my Blog

I have spent a decent amount of time over the years, trying to convince myself to spend some time on my blog.  I have updated the OS of the VM that runs it.  I have migrated from whatever platform I started on (I think I had two different ones going at one point.) I have… Continue reading Revisiting my Blog

2015 Blog Report

Well, I didn’t hit the number I was hoping to hit.  I made it to 162, and I was hoping to make it to 175.  Maybe by the end of 2016? Since this is a WordPress site and I use Jetpack here is a nice little report provided with no effort on my part:

WordPress speed – take 2

So after I followed Patrick’s advice, it seemed like we had everything working better(?) but then again, it was only faster sometimes…  After doing some tinkering and comparing between 4 different people, 2 of us with slow performance and 2 with normal performance, I stumbled on the answer…  Patrick and I both had the “wassup”… Continue reading WordPress speed – take 2