Revisiting my Blog

I have spent a decent amount of time over the years, trying to convince myself to spend some time on my blog.  I have updated the OS of the VM that runs it.  I have migrated from whatever platform I started on (I think I had two different ones going at one point.)

I have once again gotten interested in blogging.  I have a colleague who started blogging.  You can find him here.  He is a bit easier to read than my stuff.

I am going to try getting into this again.  I have started down a couple of parallel paths.  This is a normal (bad) habit I have.  I get distracted by all the possibilities and become locked in an endless loop. 

For this go around, I have already stood up a dev instance of this blog in Azure.  It didn’t take long at all, and I was distracted (by real life) and didn’t spend more that a few minutes on it at a time.  I am also about to embark on a quest to use a bunch of the things that I am trying to work with in my normal job, to take this blog to the next level (ha). 

As of this writing, this blog has some behind the scenes updates that need to occur.  The MySql and PHP are not as up to date as they should be, and I only just got the WordPress version updated.  My last post was 19 months ago.  I can fix that by posting this.
I am working on a team that is moving to a Scaled Agile approach to our work.  I am in infrastructure, and DevOps/SAFe/Agile are all just a bit more challenging concepts to apply to infrastructure than to traditional dev workflows.  I am excited about this change, and my role in it, and it is still challenging.

So to wrap up the rambling speech to myself, my intent is to:

  • Move this blog to Azure
  • Add SSL (because it should be)
  • Track my work in Azure DevOps
  • Deploy via Visual Studio
  • Have a test/dev and production version
  • Add a few more posts to this blog
  • Learn

Thanks for reading.  See you at the next post.

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