Finally got it all working

I have been on a quest the past few days to move one of my websites to Azure.  Overall, it isn’t really that difficult, but it also isn’t very clear.

First, I created an Azure Storage Account, and enabled it for static website capability.  Then, because I don’t like easy, I enabled it for HTTPS/TLS 1.2.  That means it needs a certificate.  Good news!

Azure CDN can be used to front your static website and provide the HTTPS function.  It will even create and manage the cert for free!

Except, it can’t / won’t do that for apex/root domains.  So you have to use the www (or something less obvious) or bring your own cert.

Good news!  Let’s Encrypt has free certs!  But they expire every 90 days. 

I have a few months to go buy a longer lived cert, or build a way to more effectively and efficiently update the Let’s Encrypt cert.

Wish me luck!

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