Temporary Registry Profiles – Finally an answer

We have been having issues at work for a while where a user gets “cannot load the locally stored profile” and a temporary profile is created.  It gets to be quite frustrating for the users because each time they log in they lose any settings that they have made.  Apparently, we arent’ the only company that has been having this issue.  The complete article has a very interesting discussion on the Windows Logical Prefetcher and what the cause of the problem was, but the gist of what you need to fix the problem is update your Citrix client or use the work arounds mentioned below:

Now that the problem was understood, Microsoft and Citrix brainstormed on workarounds customers could apply while Citrix worked on an update to the ICA Client that would prevent the sharing violation. One workaround was to disable application prefetching and another was to write a logoff script that deletes the Ssonsvr.exe prefetch files. Citrix published the workarounds in this Citrix Knowledge Base article and Microsoft in this Microsoft Knowledge Base article. The update to the ICA Client, which was made available a few days later, changed the network provider DLL to 10 seconds after Ssonsvr.exe launches before returning control to Mpnotify.exe. Because Winlogon waits for Mpnotify to exit before logging on a user, the Logical Prefetcher won’t associate Winlogon’s accesses of the user’s hive with Ssonsvr.exe’s startup.

Mark’s Blog : The Case of the Temporary Registry Profiles

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