SQL Auto Protection Fails

Using DPM 2012 had an error with SQL Auto Protection.  In the error, it says to run “AutoProtectInstances.ps1”  When I did that, I got this error: Start-DPMAutoProtection : DPM could not enumerate SQL Server instances using Wi ndows Management Instrumentation on the protected computer <ComputerName> . (ID: 965) Please make sure that Windows Management Instrumentation… Continue reading SQL Auto Protection Fails

Error installing DPM 2010 Beta

I was installing the DPM 2010 Beta (finally) and had an issue trying to get the SQL 2008 to install.  Finally figured out that I had the install files stored too deeply in a network share.  I figure this out by running the SQL install directly and when it when to check prereq’s it had… Continue reading Error installing DPM 2010 Beta

The stub received bad data – DPM backup of a SQL DB

My DPM Server: Server 2008 x64 DPM 2007 SP1 SQL 2005 SP3 (local to DPM) Protecting: Server 2003 SP2 x64 SQL 2005 SP3 I have about 30 databases being backed up from the one client machine.  All of them backup just fine except one.  Every time I try to do a synchronization or a full… Continue reading The stub received bad data – DPM backup of a SQL DB

SQL Queries

I don’t usually do a lot with SQL, but lately I have found myself having to look at, and work with SQL a good bit.  It seems that things come in waves.  Anyway, I was looking for a quick way to copy a table from one Database to another and came across this blog which… Continue reading SQL Queries