The stub received bad data – DPM backup of a SQL DB

My DPM Server:
Server 2008 x64
DPM 2007 SP1
SQL 2005 SP3 (local to DPM)

Server 2003 SP2 x64
SQL 2005 SP3

I have about 30 databases being backed up from the one client machine.  All of them backup just fine except one.  Every time I try to do a synchronization or a full backup I get the following error:

Triggering synchronization on *myserver\mydatabase* failed: Error 46: DPM failed to perform the operation because too many objects have been selected. Select fewer objects and then retry this operation.

Error details: The stub received bad data (0x800706F7)

Recommended action: Select fewer objects. 1) If you are trying to protect a large number of data sources on a volume, consider protecting the whole volume instead of individual data sources. 2)If you are trying to recover a large number of folders or files from a volume, consider recovering the parent folder, or divide the recovery into multiple operations.

This happens even if I just select the one database.  All the other databases backup correctly.

After posting in the news group, I got a question from a Microsoft person whether full text indexing was enabled, and if so how many catalogs.  Upon investigation, it appears that this is one of the only databases that i have that has full text indexing enabled.  It has 32 indexes. 

So with the suggestion of a colleague, I did a rebuild of the indexes:

    1. In SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) expand the database/Storage/Full Text Catalogs
    2. Right click on the Full Text Catalogs folder and select Rebuild All

Then I went back to my DPM server, to the protection group and selected the database in question.  I did a “Create recovery point – Disk”, “Create a recovery point by using express full backup”.

That worked, so maybe that means the problem is fixed…

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