Southwest Airlines

So yesterday, I got an email from Southwest Airlines that I thought was rather interesting: Hello Michael! Your flight on May 1, 2009, is currently scheduled to be on one of our Wi-Fi enabled aircraft!* That’s right…you’ll be able to check e-mail, surf the Internet, and stay connected to the world below via your personal… Continue reading Southwest Airlines

What is the memory capacity of the human brain?

This came up in conversation with a friend of mine, and so I searched and found this answer.  Maybe instead of purchasing physical disks, we just need to get everyone to practice using their brain to remember things…  on second thought, we can’t get them to practice using their brains for much of anything so…… Continue reading What is the memory capacity of the human brain?

Personal websites

There are a lot of people who have personal websites that they use to keep track of family.  I have seen a few different types, but it seems that most of them are setup to be mostly a replacement for the photo albums that were always laying around especially at my grand parents house.  I… Continue reading Personal websites

Random ramblings…

So, after my adventures in moving my Blog to WordPress…  I was thinking I would try to write up "detailed" instructions on what I did to get it up and going, but then I remembered… I am lazy. I still need to move my other websites over to my new server.  The sad thing is,… Continue reading Random ramblings…

Mega what?

 I was working with a colleague to figure out something related to connection speeds and data transfer.  I happened to find this interesting little snippet and thought it was worth reading: Historical context*Once upon a time, computer professionals noticed that 210 was very nearly equal to 1000 and started using the SI prefix “kilo” to… Continue reading Mega what?