Windows Live Writer

I happened to read one of the many junk e-mails that I get from Microsoft (I get them on purpose) and saw this tool for posting to a blog.  I thought I would try it out.  I just downloaded and installed it, but I haven’t read anything on it yet.  I thought I would go… Continue reading Windows Live Writer


I have 2 BLOG’s.  You might think that means that I post a lot.  If you look at this one you will notice that I DON’T post much to it.  I post even less to the other one.  Maybe I will work on posting more to this one?

Send To…

Want to be able to Right Click and “Send To” a program that isn’t there already? Go to “C:\Documents and Settings\%Username%\SendTo\” and drop a short cut to the program you want to see there.

WEFT the font?

I don’t know if anyone really ever does this, but I thought it was interesting.  It is a tool that lets you embed fonts in a web page so that people can see the font you created the page with even if they don’t have that font installed.  If someone knows of a more current… Continue reading WEFT the font?

New Blog

This is my first entry on my new blog.  This blog was created by copying Rickey’s work.  The software that is used is already evidenced by the “about” section of this page, so I won’t bore you with the details.  I will tell you that I am currently running 2 blogs, to see which software… Continue reading New Blog