Windows Vista Beta 2

So, I have installed Windows Vista Beta 2.  I have Office 2007 Beta 2 installed as well.  So far, I have mostly been trying to figure out how to do the things that I don’t have to think about with XP.

I am an admin on the machine of course, but with Vista, you have to “Run Elevated” to be able to update software.  (You might have already known that, but it took me a while to figure it out.  I forgive myself, because I get distracted easily and don’t always get to concentrate on side issues.)

Another issue for me is the fact that Admin Tools aren’t availible for Vista.  I have to log into some other machine to manage AD, DHCP, DNS, etc., etc…

Other things I have figured out?  The OS is kind of like Windows 2000 in that it is a bit of a resource hog.  I hope that will be leveled a bit as we get closer to release.  Lots of eye candy, but not sure if I like it.  It isn’t too stable yet, at least with the currently availible drivers for my video card.  The walpaper doesn’t show on one of my two monitors unless I have an application open that causes it to cease the Aero effects. Kind of annoying.

I am still trying to get accustomed to the IE7 tabs.  Some of the settings that I had on IE6 to get IE to behave the way I want it to behave, aren’t in the same place in IE7 and/or the particulars that you have to do are different.  Plus the fact that I haven’t quite figured out how I want the tabs to behave. 

Office 2007 has some of the same stability issues as earlier versions, things hand on occasion, or just don’t do anything.  I am hoping for some updates to this soon…

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