Vista Shortcuts

I was reading some of the junk e-mail that Microsoft sends me and came across this article.  I wanted to save the shortcuts, a lot of which I knew (and use) but some of which are new to me: Boost your productivity Learn a few angelic Windows keyboard shortcuts Hold Shift when inserting a… Continue reading Vista Shortcuts

Server Core – A few notes and links to useful commands

I asked a coworker to find the method/command to run updates on Server Core and he came back with a link to this nice little script: And every time I forget the command to do something in Server Core, when I do a search to find it, I always come back with a link… Continue reading Server Core – A few notes and links to useful commands

Add or Remove programs in Server Core

Quoted from a blog by Sander Berkouwer Add or remove programs Again there are two ways to get information on the software that is installed onto your Server Core installation in absence of the “Add or Remove programs” Control Panel applet. (also known as appwiz.cpl) Registry The first way is by checking the registry keys… Continue reading Add or Remove programs in Server Core

Mega what?

 I was working with a colleague to figure out something related to connection speeds and data transfer.  I happened to find this interesting little snippet and thought it was worth reading: Historical context*Once upon a time, computer professionals noticed that 210 was very nearly equal to 1000 and started using the SI prefix “kilo” to… Continue reading Mega what?

Will We Run Out of Storage?

I  was deleting e-mails that I don’t read, but would like to when I came across this e-week article.  Wonder if he has stock in storage vendors? Will We Run Out of Storage? By David MorgensternJuly 28, 2007Opinion: Is a capacity shortage looming in the near future for enterprise assets? Maybe so, depending on how one… Continue reading Will We Run Out of Storage?