Using SCOJobRunner

We have started using System Center Orchestrator (2012 SP1) to do some automation.  Most of what we have done so far could be done outside of Orchestrator pretty easily.  Having it in Orchestrator makes it easier to keep track of all the automated tasks that we have.  ( A central repository in theory.)

I have had a few different issues so far with the way that Orchestrator works.  It seems there is a common issue of Runbooks not showing up in the web console.  This isn’t hard to correct is seems, but it is annoying that they don’t automatically show up.

The way to get them to show up seems to be to clear the AuthorizationCache:

Hi, by default the orchestrator console refresh every 10 minutes. You could try update your AuthorizationCache, that is done by default every 10 minutes. If you run

TRUNCATE TABLE [Microsoft.SystemCenter.Orchestrator.Internal].AuthorizationCache in the Orchestrator database, do they show up direct then? Make sure you have a DB backup Before you do anything in the database.

Once they show up in the web console, you can use SCOJobRunner to call the Runbook.  That utility can be found here:

Once you have that, you can use Task Scheduler to call the Runbook with SCOJobRunner.  The one thing that is kind of un-obvious is finding the ID.  There are a couple of ways, but here is a simple one:

An easy trick to getting the runbook ID is to go to the Orchestrator web console and click on the runbook itself in the left hand pane.  Within the URL you will find the runbook ID.

Example: http://server:82/#/RunbooksPage$FolderId=cdafbfdc-363f-49c4-81a0-62a18236a5ce&RunbookId=e46304a1-f900-4665-b0bc-ea0ad6c9f86e&RunbookInstanceId=&TabId=1&Filter


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