Hyper-V host blank black screen

I recently had a problem with a couple of IBM Blades that I was trying to deploy as Hyper-V hosts.  I employ the use of a replay volume from our Compellent storage to create an image for my blades.  Basically, I install one, sysprep it, and then copy the volume mount the copy as the boot volume for each of my blades.  The most recent hosts that I attempted to use this technique with, would boot, but once they made it into Windows, the screen would go black and there would be no way to interact with the machine other than turning it off.

This happened on two blades in two chassis so I assumed that it must be the image.  I made a new image, and it worked just fine, until I installed the Hyper-V role.  Once I installed the Hyper-V role, the machine exhibited the same behavior as above. 

With a short amount of searching, I came across this: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/winserverhyperv/thread/61fd5b0d-9d15-4f74-a970-7aafe491ef67

I have actually seen this mentioned before for something else, I just don’t recall what, but basically the problem was that the two processors in each blade were different revisions.  The simple solution we employed was to swap a processor from each blade to have the two processors match.  Now all is well in the land of Hyper-V.  At least for the moment…

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