My new iPhone…

I just purchased my first Apple product.  I bought an iPhone.  I have had a Blackberry for years, but the iPhone actually seems a little more cool.  I am not an iTunes user, and I don’t have an iPod, but I have to admit that I think the device is pretty neat.

So, today when it came in, even though I am on vacation, I went to the office and picked it up.  I brought it home and started playing with it a bit.  Got it to make a phone call pretty easily.  Set it up to view my Hotmail account easily, but I couldn’t get it to sync with my Exchange email.  I know it works, because I am one of the last guys in my group to get one.  They all are using it just fine. 

Well, when I did try to connect to any of the services, at first I got an error that said there wasn’t a data plan associated with my phone.  I know that is not the case, but this seems to be a common issue, because at least 3 of the guys I work with had that problem as well.  the solution to that one is to follow these steps:

On your iphone, go to


now just enter the apn data that I provided above where the website indicates. Just copy and paste it in. (or you can tap on the selector, the thing that says “blank”, the thing that is under the APN inputs, and select your carrier.) Now just tap on “create custon profile” and then it will exit Safari, and take you to the settings application. Now just tap on “install” and you are done. (Installing a profile may take up to 30 seconds, do not exit the menu until it is done installing or you will have a very corrupted carrier file.

Well, in order to connect to the internet to get to that page, I had to connect to my home wireless.  Not a big deal, but evidently that is what messed me up.  I kept getting “Exchange Account Verification Failed”.  When I did a google search on it, this is the answer to my problem getting ActiveSync to work:

Also there seems to be somthing with connection via Wi-fi when trying to setup. I would not recommned setting up via wi-fi

Apple – Support – Discussions – Exchange account verification failed …

So wish me luck in my venture into the world of Apple.  Just don’t expect me to help you with your MAC.

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