It’s all in the Clouds…

Recently I attended the Microsoft Management Summit in Las Vegas.  One of the big pushes that is on the minds of everyone these days, is the Cloud Computing concept.  As a Systems Engineer, the thought is that I should be afraid of this push, because it moves the processing out of the datacenter and into a hosted environment.  During the conference this was addressed in part by saying, you can have it both ways…  You can have the Cloud available in a “Capacity on Demand” kind of way, but also use the same technologies to manage your Private Cloud.

I came accross an interesting article that addresses some of this concern with the suggestion that IT needs to learn how to build and manage the Private Cloud:

One of the biggest strategic challenges facing IT organizations today is remaining competitive in a world full of cloud services that essentially outsource the IT function.

How to Build Private Clouds – IT Management

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