DPM v 3

I just watched a webcast on DPM v3 and thought I would share some of what I got from that.

In the last 18 months, DPM 2007 (v2) delivered application protection for Exchange ,SQL Server, SharePoint and virtualization environments running Virtual Server and Hyper-V.  Disaster recovery with Iron Mountain, Local Datasource Protection and Client backups have also come out through DPM 2007, its first feature update and Service Pack 1.  Now it is time to show what is coming next for DPM. 

A few top line items are support for the following:

  • support for Exchange 14, and more granular restore
  • protect the entire SQL instance, and auto discover new DB’s
  • protect 1000’s of DBs per DPM server
  • End User Recovery by the SQL Admin (role based access from the DPM console)
  • Office 14
  • AD appears as a data source in DPM UI
  • Image restore from centrally managed DPM server – executed locally
  • Support for Windows guest on VMware hosts
  • SAP running on MS SQL

and some other improvements:

  • up to 100 servers, 1000 laptops, 2000 databases per DPM server
  • management pack updates
  • automatic re-running of jobs and improved self-healing  —  This is a huge one in my book
  • auto protect new sources for SQL and MOSS
  • improved scheduling capabilities
  • one click DPM DR failover and failback
  • continued support for SAN (scripts/whitepapers)

platform requirements:

  • DPM Server must be 64-bit Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Integration capability with Windows EBS 2008 R2

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