Send To…

Want to be able to Right Click and “Send To” a program that isn’t there already? Go to “C:\Documents and Settings\%Username%\SendTo\” and drop a short cut to the program you want to see there.

winlogon.exe – Application Error

PROBLEM: Users unable to logon to W2k3 TS. There are 4 TS in a Citrix farm and once the problem happens the particular users can never logon. This issue is random and happens to only some users. Error: Winlogon.exe – Instruction “0x75998902” Referenced memory at “0x0151036c”.  The memory could not be “read“.   The issue was… Continue reading winlogon.exe – Application Error


Can’t delete a user profile in Windows?  Try running this utility.  It runs as a service that removes hooks in the registry that fail to close automatically when a user logs off.

WEFT the font?

I don’t know if anyone really ever does this, but I thought it was interesting.  It is a tool that lets you embed fonts in a web page so that people can see the font you created the page with even if they don’t have that font installed.  If someone knows of a more current… Continue reading WEFT the font?

WMI Administrative Tools

To look for a WMI namespace and other tasks that deal with WMI, you can download WMI Tools from Microsoft.

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Imaging and SMS

How to avoid duplicate GUIDs when you image System Management Server 2003 client computers Article ID : 828367 Last Review : August 24, 2004 Revision : 3.1;en-us;828367   This tells how to set up SMS clients for imaging.

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License Logging Service

Do you really need that license logging service?  Doesn’t look that way… License Logging Service (LLS) is a tool that was originally designed to help customers manage licenses for Microsoft server products that are licensed in the Server Client Access License (CAL) model. LLS was introduced with Windows NT Server 3.51. By default, LLS is… Continue reading License Logging Service