StorSimple Virtual Array

I really like Microsoft.  As a company, they don’t always do things the way I would like them to, but overall, they make products that meet a need.

We operate in a (mostly) centralized infrastructure.  Our file servers are (mostly) in our main office.  I have a few virtualized StorSimple appliances that I use in a couple of the remote offices. 

Today, I learned that they may occasionally throttle themselves if they are having trouble keeping up with the churn rate.  I probably would have expected this, but I didn’t really put as much thought into that until today. 

I also learned that this can impede a users ability to make changes to or save new files on that share.   This is somewhat frustrating because an error caused it to throttle today, not (apparently) the churn rate.  And my first alert was from the end users.    Bummer…

Even better, the engineer saying “we’ve never seen that one before”.

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