Goals (or interests) for this year

I said I want to make it to 175 posts (from 148 posts).  I have been thinking (for at least 5 minutes) that one way to do that is to write about some of the things that I want to work on.  Then I could share my progress, as well as the lessons learned from each phase of each goal.  To get me started I wanted to write a list of goals.  Then I thought about it and decided I was too non-committal to call them goals.  I think “interests” is a safer term to use.  So here are some of the things I am interested in working on this year:

  • Windows Server 2016
    • Deployment methods
    • Test environment
    • Useful features list
  • System Center
    • Operations Manager
      • Management pack tuning
      • Automated issue resolution
      • Service monitoring
      • Service definitions
    • Virtual Machine Manager
      • Update Rollup 6 (already in progress, so a pretty easy one I think)
      • Azure management
    • Configuration Manager
      • Use PowerBI to examine the data
      • Report on desktop update status and health
  • Azure Stack
    • Deploy it
    • Use it
  • Roadmap
    • Work with my team (and others) to roadmap our services
    • Communicate the roadmap
  • Communication
    • Communicate our status page
    • Build some automation into the status page
  • Management
    • Be a better manager
    • Read more
    • Listen more
    • Talk less
    • Be positive


I am sure that I will have more things that I am interested in doing.  I am sure that a lot of the items on this list will not be accomplished.  They all need some definition.  Maybe I will update this page with links to future posts on how I am doing with all of this.  Maybe…

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