Error installing Integration Services on Hyper-V VM

I was trying to change from a “Legacy Network Adapter” to a “Network Adapter” on one of my Hyper-V VMs.   I added the “Network Adapter” and removed the “Legacy Network Adapter”, and started the machine up.  When the machine came up, it wouldn’t connect to the network.  Having seen this before I knew exactly how to fix it.  Run the Integration Services install again.  I did that, and got:

An error has occurred: One of the update processes returned error code  61658

So, being the smart guy that I am, I rebooted and tried again.  Same result.  The hits I got on google suggested that I was still running an CTP or Beta, but I am running the RTM version (2008 Hyper-V, but not R2 on this one). 

I was logging into this machine with a Domain account, but it wasn’t on the network.  We use some restrictions on the server desktops and redirect application setting and such, so I thought that might be related. 

Here is what worked:

I added back the Legacy Network Adapter (leaving the non-Legacy adapter as well)

I installed integration services again (and it worked just fine)

I removed the Legacy Network Adapter

Now the machine is working just as expected.

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  1. Thanks! This helped get me on the right track… your comment about restrictions on server desktops helped on a scenario where I had done a P2V of an old terminal server (back in the day when I had setup more restrictions than necessary that affected the local admin user, for example) and the integration disk was likely failing due to the fact that I couldn’t reach a “My Documents” folder. As the machine was no longer a domain member (Symantec BESR removes it in the conversion to VHD process) it couldn’t access the Userdata folder (permissions tight, I guess), and the drive letter E was now D so the share didn’t exist.

    So I created a Users folder, shared it as Users (that’s what the system was looking for), setup the username and My Documents folder in there, and all was good to install.

    Of course later, had to change D drive to E drive, and setup the Users share back to the Userdata folder where it was previously.

    Oh and using the legacy network adapter helped as well, so I had network access without the Integration Components.

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