Remove DPM agent from the DPM agent console

I blogged about this last year, but when I moved my blog, I lost part of the post (the picture) so I just deleted the post.  Then I noticed that Google is still sending people here to find the answer, so…

If you have DPM Protected Computer that goes away before you uninstall the agent, it isn’t obvious how you get the agent removed from the console.  Or at least it wasn’t immediately obvious to me.

  1. In the Management/Agents tab, right click on the agent (it will have a red x and “Unavailable” in the Agent Status column) and select Uninstall…
  2. Verify your list of agents (you can select more than one)
  3. Click on “Uninstall Agents”
  4. Enter the appropriate credentials.  This must be an account that has permissions to remove the agent from the DPM server, even though the Protected computer doesn’t exist, it still has to be a valid account.
  5. Select the “Manually restart the selected servers later” radio button
  6. Click ok.

So far, that isn’t any different than any other client uninstall.   At this point, you will have the option to close the window, and go on about your business.  And if the protected computer was still available, that would be perfectly fine to do.  But since the protected computer isn’t still available, you have to wait for the error to pop up.  First you will see that the uninstall failed and then you get this message:


Basically, it says, I couldn’t find that computer to remove the agent, you want me to just forget that it existed?  You click on “Yes” and then the entry for that computer is removed from the DPM database.  Now wasn’t that obvious?


  1. I have tried this multiple times and no matter how long I wait, I never get the popup asking me if I want to remove the DPM record from the DPM Database. I am using DPM 2007 SP1

  2. The popup will not show unless the machine does not exist. In the case where a new server was built with the same name but no agent, the popup never shows. It comes up pretty quickly when the machine isn’t in the domain any longer.

  3. I had the same problem ” I never get the popup asking me if I want to remove the DPM record from the DPM Database.” A protected machine must be totally unavailable. Disconnect the machine or DPM server from network and try again ;-).

  4. Mike:
    What I found is that if the machine has been turned off but not removed from the domain, you will not get the 2nd message.
    After Removing the protected computer / server from the domain and ensuring there are no records for the computer / server in the DNS I had no issue uninstalling it as described in the first entry of this blog.

  5. After Step 6, you must leave that window open (unlike when installing to new clients and watching the % status), if not, you won’t get the Remove DPM record prompt.

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