Preinstall DPM Client

If you deploy servers from an image, and you would like to install DPM prior to imaging, you can’t just use the install option from the DPM server.  You CAN install the agent manually, and then configure it later. 

  1. Copy the latest agent files from C:\Program Files\Microsoft DPM\DPM\Agents\RA and put them somewhere you can get to them. 
  2. Run the DPMAgentInstaller from the appropriate directory,  amd64\1033 or i386\1033 depending on if you have a x64 or x86 system.
  3. On the Production server (the machine you want to protect) run %PROGRAMFILES%Microsoft data protection manager\dpm\bin\setdpmserver -dpmservername <DPM server name>
  4. On the DPM server, open the DPM Management Shell (the PowerShell interface for DPM) and run attach-productionserver.ps1.  This will ask you for the DPMServer, PSName (the production machine that you want to protect), UserName (an administrator on the client machine), Password, and Domain.
  5. Refresh the view in the DPM administrator console.

You should see your production servers listed in the Managemt\Agents view.

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