Skip the www (part 2)

Many moons ago, I figured out how to get my websites to be accessible without the www subdomain.  When I recently moved one of my three websites to Azure, I didn’t immediately solve that problem.  As the website isn’t ever visited and isn’t important, this isn’t an issue, but I do want to solve it going forward.

So here is the next tutorial…

As I posted about previously (here), I moved that site using Azure Storage static websites, and put it behind a CDN so I could have https, and my own custom domain associated with it.  In this post, we are going to ‘Configure an alias record to support apex domain names (with CDN) Traffic Manager.  The article is written for Traffic Manager, but we are going to use the same article for CDN.

The important part is the “Create an alias record”.  You can do this if your DNS is hosted in Azure (mine is).  Go into your DNS zone, click on the + to add a record set.  when it comes up leave the name blank, click ‘Alias record set’.  When you do that, you get some options.  For this instance, we are looking at the Azure resource alias type.


Be sure to select the correct subscription, and the correct Azure resource.  Notice that a CNAME record for apex domain onboarding will be created to verify the domain.


After that, I tried to go back to the CDN and enable the Custom Domain HTTPS for the apex (root) domain.  evidently that is no longer supported:


Guess that means I need to ‘bring my own’.  That is going to be another post.

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