Unable to login to Citrix server via RDP or ICA

We have recently set up some new Windows Server 2008 R2/Citrix XenApp 6.0 servers.  For some reason, users could not launch a remote desktop to them even though we (thought) allowed this.  Turns out there is a policy which blocks this by default.  I found the answer here:

Re: Unable to login using RDP or ICA after installing XenApp 6
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Hi Aref –
Can you please try the following ?
1. Open Delivery Services Console
2. Edit the unfiltered user policy | ICA
3. Set the policy for Desktop Launches to Allowed
This policy applies to XenApp 6.0 and Allows or prevents non-administrative users to connect to a desktop session on the server.
When allowed, non-administrative users can connect. By default, non-administrative users cannot connect to desktop sessions.

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The answer above will get you there, but as my teachers used to tell me all the time, he needs to “show his work”:




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