How to remove a Persistent Reservation on a DS4700

We use a couple of IBM DS4700 storage controllers at my work, and I had one configured with a Windows 2008 Hyper-V cluster.  The cluster was for testing (I am building a new one on R2 for production) and when I went to remove everything that had been used for testing, I came up against a problem:

Error 219 – The operation cannot complete because the logical drive has a persistent reservation placed on it. Please release the reservation at the host and then retry the operation.


Well, maybe I should have told the cluster to go away before I started deleting the storage, but I didn’t so, that seemed to be a bit of a problem.  I did some google searching, and that was very frustrating, because although I did finally find a reference to it, the reference seemed to allude to the necessity of calling IBM support to correct the problem.  If you found this post, and you are having the problem, please be comforted by the fact, that you DON’T have to call for support.  I am running Storage Manager 10 and the latest firmware, and if you go to the Advanced –> Maintenance –> Persistent Reservations… you get this:


and if you click in the “View associated registrations” box it will show you which host/adaptor holds the reservation.  But the really cool part is you can highlight the LUN you want to remove the reservation from and click “Clear”.


  1. Ercan Pamuk,

    You are correct, in that you should remove the disk from the cluster first. But if you lose the cluster, or are just forgetful, and remove the cluster before you remove the storage, you can use the process outlined above to remove it.



  2. Thanks you Michael
    I have the same issue on a DS5100 SAN Storage and I can fixed them with your comment.

  3. Thanks Michael, The process worked on our DS5020 SAN when we had issues with Exchange. This was the only thing that got us moving again!

    Good Job!

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