HyperV Integration Services: Fatal error during installation

I managed to convince the “powers that be” that we didn’t need to have a dual quad-core server with the capacity for 32GB of RAM to and connectivity to our SAN sitting around doing nothing until they occasionally use it for upgrade testing…  So I did a P2V (Physical to Virtual conversion) and shut down the physical machine.  But when I tried to install the Integration components…  I got “An error has occurred: Fatal error during installation.”  A quick google gave me the below post, and believe it or not.. it worked.  (I didn’t reboot before I installed.)

HyperV Integration Services: Fatal error during installation

Installing Integration Services on HyperV I got the following problem:
"An error has occured: Fatal error during installation."
Delete (or rename) two file on the guest machine
Reboot and reinstall the integration services.

Vittorio Pavesi: HyperV Integration Services: Fatal error during installation


  1. Hey Thanks Man! It worked great! and I did not have to do a reboot. Really saved my bacon on this physical to virtual conversion

  2. there are no such files on my computer!
    But still whenever i try installing my blackberry the following error appears:
    An error occurred while copying file wdfldr.sys
    Cannot file to destination directory.

    My device can be used as a pendrive where you can copy and paste files on it but it cannot be synced with the desktop manager.
    could anybody please help me!

  3. You are a legend. I click on the first google suggesstion which brought me to this site which has saved my life.

    Thank you very much sir 🙂

  4. Thanks, worked great for me! The install replaces those two files with ones of exactly the same date/time as the original. No idea why it couldn’t have just overwritten them without us deleting them first. Anyway, thanks for the info.

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