Hyper-V performance

If you want to monitor performance in Hyper-V, you might like to check out this utility:

If you use Hyper-V, or any OS virtualization platform, you know that you can’t trust the Windows Task Manager from inside the VMs to tell you squat.  Basically, the virtualization layer pulls the rug out from under the guest OS when it comes to CPU and the guest is clueless and assumes that whatever was paused just ate CPU the whole time.

I was looking at a performance issue on Hyper-V and needed to investigate.  Searching the web I found Perfmon info but got sick of setting that up, and then having to do paper and pencil math to figure out what I wanted to know.  So I did what I always do — I wrote a tool!  The tool is called HyperV_Mon and is basically a GUI that does all the hard work for you.

HyperV_Mon: a new free tool if you use Hyper-V – Tim Mangan – BrianMadden.com

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