Virtual Machine Remote Control Client

I have been using Microsoft Virtual Server since it was first released.  I have also used Virtual PC a good bit.  (I like VPC 2007 on Vista 64bit hardware.)  I have only ever used the web interface to work with MSVS.  I just today decided to try the VMRC Client.


VMRCplus is a tool for both configuration management of Virtual Server and remote control of virtual machines. It allows for local and remote management of Virtual Server and supports simultaneous management of up to 32 Virtual Server hosts.
Remote control sessions of virtual machines are grouped in a single window using Tab pages. The interface enables sorting virtual machines based on various properties like name, status and description. Multi-select of virtual machines enable you to perform actions to change their status or open remote control sessions all at once.
VMRCplus is a Windows application and does not require IIS to manage Virtual Server.

Download details: Virtual Machine Remote Control Client Plus (VMRCplus)

I think I like it.  if nothing else for the fact that it gives you a quick rundown of the numbers, and an easy way to connect to the various machines.  I like the client console having “tabs” for each machine that you are connected to.  makes it easy to track multiple machines without having to go back to the master status page of the web interface.

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